Pool building in Pécs, in Kaposvár, at the lake Balaton
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Pool building

just in Hungary

in Pécs, Kaposvár, at the lake Balaton, in Somogy county

About our company

Our company carries out a full  spectrum of pool building.

Pool prices

Complete construction of a concrete block swimming pool with PVC lining.

The indicated rates are net rates.

5 x 3 m    from 3.000.000 HUF 

6 x 3 m    from 3.800.000 HUF

7 x 3,5 m    from 4.300.000 HUF

8 x 4 m    from 5.000.000 HUF

10 x 5 m    from 6.000.000 HUF


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Pool coverage, terrace – balcony coverage

Pool coverage, terrace – balcony coverage